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It is the responsibility of every person involved in the shipping of Dangerous Goods to be aware of and to comply with the ICAO technical instructions for the safe transport of Dangerous Goods and the IATA Dangerous Goods regulations which govern the carriage of these goods.

What Are Dangerous Goods?
Articles or substances which are capable of posing a significant risk to health and safety, or properties, when transported by air.

Can They Be Carried By Air?
Many dangerous goods can be transported as cargo provided they have been properly prepared for carriage, some items are too dangerous to be carried by air.

How Are They Prepared For Carriage?
Dangerous goods can be transported when the risk they pose is reduced to an acceptable level by limiting the quantity and packing in such a manner that the package will not fail during normal transport.

Why Do We Need Regulations?
Safety - if there where no regulations the safety of passengers, aircraft, crew and ground staff would be at risk.

How Do We Ensure A Dangerous Goods Is Safe To Travel?
Before Sound Moves accept a consignment of dangerous goods from the shipper, the dangerous goods presented must conform to a checklist that has 54 separate checks regarding its contents, packaging and labelling, if it fails any of these checks it cannot be accepted for transportation.

Who Are the Regulating Bodies?
(ICAO) International Civil Aviation Organisation (IATA) International Air Transport Association

What Is An I.M.P Code?
International Message Procedure. All dangerous goods have a three-letter code to identify what type of dangerous goods they are, this code is recognized internationally.

There Are Nine Classes Of Dangerous Goods:

Class 1 =

Explosives RXE

Class 2 =

Compressed gasses RNG

Class 3 =

Flammable liquid RFL

Class 4 =

Flammable solid RFS

Class 5 =

Oxidising / Organic peroxides ROX / ROP

Class 6 =

Poisons / Infectious substances RPB / RIS

Class 7 =

Radioactive RRY / RRW

Class 8 =

Corrosive materials RCM

Class 9 =

Miscellaneous goods ICE / MAG

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